Virus Targeted Immune Boost

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Virus Targeted Immune Booster
100% of FDA daily recommended amounts Vitamin D3 Zinc
Elderberry 500 mg fruit equivalent
135 capsules per bottle
Made in USA
No GMo soy

Virus Targeted Immune Support (135 capsules per bottle ) is specifically formulated to help your immune system to work at it’s optimal efficiency. Formulated strategically, this immune support bolsters your body’s first line of defense.

 Research articles have demonstrated the effectiveness of Zinc, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin C in fighting viral infections.

 07/03/20 MEDICAL NEWS TODAY said “Vitamin D3 is vital for maintaining healthy bones and muscles. There is also some evidence that it may help protect against viral respiratory infections and play a regulatory role in the body’s immune response.”

OXFORD ACADEMIC, ADVANCES IN NUTRITION said “An abundance of evidence has accumulated over the past 50 y to demonstrate the antiviral activity of zinc against a variety of viruses, and via numerous mechanisms.”

 SUBCELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY:  ANTIVIRAL AND IMMUNOMODULATORY ACTIVITIES OF VITAMIN C said Vitamin C “has been found to inactivate a wide spectrum of viruses as well as suppress viral replication and expression in infected cell”